Unfortunately Falling Into The River, The Dog Goes To The Pier Every Day Waiting For The Owner To Pick Up…In Hopelessness

Unfortunately fell off the boat and separated from the owner’s family, but this dog still just hangs around at the pier and patiently waits for his owner to come pick him up for a month.

Do you wonder why dogs are animals that always receive special love from so many people? Because they’re adorable, because they help you keep an eye on the house, or simply because they help you clean up the leftovers after each meal? Perhaps more than that, because every dog ​​when raised will become a friend of its owner. And all dogs – are very loyal! The story of a dog waiting for its owner below will make you believe it.

This photo received a lot of attention from netizens.

This story comes from a photo that is being circulated by Thai netizens simultaneously posted by a Facebook named Thanawan Tongporn. Accordingly, this dog had to be separated by his owner’s family when he unfortunately fell into a boat on the Chao Phraya River in Bang Kok, Thailand. Instead of going elsewhere to find food, the dog decided to stay here to wait for his owner to come pick him up.

Just like that, for a month, the dog sat still every day at the Rama V pier, eyes looking forward to wait for someone to come and pick it up, hoping to soon reunite with the owner’s family who was attached to the owner. me. During that time of waiting, the dog tried to hold the pole with the leftovers he found and the living water.

Occasionally, some kind people would give him food to stay on the dock and wait. When he finished eating, the dog sat still in that position and looked forward. However, as much time passed, the owner still did not appear…

Image of a dog waiting for its owner every day.

Fortunately, the dog was adopted by a stranger. Currently, the dog has lived with a new owner with the name The Ruea (meaning pier).

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