Rejected By Birth Mother, This Baby Panther Was Adopted, And Grows Up Happily With Its Doggy Sibling And Human Mom

The mother plays an indispensable part in children’s development. A baby needs a mother’s love and care to grow up healthily and happily. This is not only true with us, humans, but is also proved in the animal world. A wild baby animal can’t probably survive in the wild without having its mother’s nurture. These poor animals need to struggle with thirst, hunger, and danger (from nature and humans). Some can wait until they get help but some can’t. This hurts, writes

Thankfully, Luna the baby panther in this story doesn’t meet that end. The cub was born in a zoo in Siberia. But the newborn was brutally rejected by her birth mother when she was still very young. She wasn’t fed and cared probably, which meant her chances of survival were very low.

This lasted until the poor cub met her savior, a very warm-hearted woman who had experience in raising big cats like her. The woman rescued the baby panther, opened her arms for it, and brought it home. Luna’s life officially turned into a new page, a much-expecting one.

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