Little Boy Befriends Deer And Gets Much More Than He Bargained For In Return

We can’t stop animals like deer from wandering into human territories. Deer are known herbivores so when they visit your yard, expect them to gobble in your garden plants. While these instances may annoy or anger people, there are some who will treat it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Although deer are usually cautious and aloof to humans, there are some that enjoy goofing around people – especially the young ones.

This story is about the beautiful encounter between an adorable doe who seems to find a liking to a young boy.

When two babies from two different species collide, it’s nothing but absolute cuteness.

On a beautiful sunny day, a child stands next to a watering can – well, more of a watering bucket. But he’s joined by an adorable, unexpected companion…

It’s a curious baby deer!

Judging by her spritely demeanor, this doe definitely wants to play!

Unfortunately, Baby Boy’s been tasked with some gardening chores. He simply wants to take the green bucket and head off on his merry way.

He eyes the gardening tool, but the doe has other plans. The child reaches for the container but he’s met with a wet surprise! The little deer greets the young boy with a lick to the ear.

The child recoils in surprise, proceeding to massage his licked ear. The little boy’s still determined to do what he’s supposed to do. He doesn’t bat an eye, continuing to focus on the watering bucket.

The baby deer wouldn’t let the little boy do his thing, she decides to stay and play with the toddler. Baby Boy gathers himself, contemplating his next move. How can he get ahold of the bucket?

The child tries to reason with his curious companion. Baby Boy devises a new strategy, slowly inching towards the green bucket. The doe waits eagerly.

He approaches carefully, extending his arm and vocalizing.


The little boy just wants his bucket so he could water the plants but this persistent baby doe wants to play.

Baby Boy extends his arms, eventually grasping the doe’s face with his teeny-tiny toddler hands.

The baby doe doesn’t mind and lets the toddler have a closer look at her.

They’re already very comfortable with each other as if they’ve been friends for years.

The toddler gently releases his soft grasp, again reaching for the watering bucket.

Baby Boy struggles to grasp the bucket, quickly met by soft baby doe kisses at every attempt. She’s guarding the bucket with her affection!

The encounter between this toddler and the baby doe is beyond heartwarming.

Baby Boy graciously accepts the love, but then attempts to pivot around his dear, deer friend.

At last, a chance to grab the bucket. These flowers aren’t going to water themselves!

The backyard’s sparse patches of grass hint at incredibly dry conditions. There’s simply no time to waste!

I’m not sure this baby doe even acknowledges the bucket at all, she just wants to play like any normal young deer!

It looks like baby doe has a little crush on this baby boy.

The toddler finally maneuvers past his deer companion, ready to take off with the watering bucket.

The adorable video has already been viewed over 2.5 million times!
Babies of all species are absolutely adorable. They’re cute and curious from day one.

This baby boy and adorable doe deer are getting along like lifelong friends. They’re incredibly comfortable with each other even when they’re not on the same page.

It only goes to show that these “wild animals” are not literally wild in general. Some are just passing by, having a good look at what’s inside the human territory. While some, just like this baby doe, just want to play and have some fun with human babies.

Make sure to watch their short but adorable interaction in the video below.
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Source: Waggle TV, Humane Society, White Tails Unlimited, One Kind Planet

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