His owner passed away 5 years ago but he continues to visit his grave every day, he can’t get over his pain

The life of people, as well as that of dogs, does not always last as long as we would like. And unfortunately they have to separate forever. Something that humans, despite the pain, can come to understand and find the necessary strength to face it. But for a puppy, when his beloved owner passes away, the world comes crashing down on him and it’s the most heartbreaking thing there is, writes fancy4work

Your loyalty and gratitude surpasses everything and goes beyond life itself.

This is what happened to poor Zozo, a mestizo puppy, who since his owner died in 2014, has not stopped visiting his grave every day for all these years.

Zozo was adopted by the Öztürk family from Turkey in 2012 when he was just a baby. Everyone in his home was tremendously happy with the arrival of the little boy, who filled his days with light, but the one who felt a true devotion for the little one was the family patriarch, Ismail Öztürk, who loved him as if he were the grandson of the.

That’s why when he passed away, Zozo was heartbroken and confused.

As part of his deep sorrow, the puppy disappeared. And his family even came to think that he left to die just like his owner because of the sadness he felt. They searched everywhere for him, but their surprise at him was enormous when they found him next to İsmail’s grave.
Since then not a single day has gone by without Zozo going to visit him and pouring out all his sadness on her.

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