Heartwarming Story of Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Ian and Foster Cat Dad

Rescuer Beth Stern has a Floridian friend who took in a survivor of Hurricane Ian, a tiny kitten. She was one of many cats and kittens rescued due to the Category 4 Storm that swept through the Sunshine State on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.
It’s not the first time Stern and Heather have worked together to save a kitty. Nine years ago, Stern fostered a cat from the North Shore Animal League named Gracie, who had a litter of kittens, including the one that would be Heather’s, named Norton Howard.

The story of how Norton came to be her beloved cat is moving, and it seems he was meant to be. Although Stern gave him to her friend, the friends consider him their “little baby boy.”

The tiny white kitten had a leg injury, but rescuers saved her and then Stern’s friend in Florida, Heather, fostered her.

The same day, Stern shared that the kitten needed to see the vet for her leg. Fortunately, the wound doesn’t seem to have been deep.

“Florida Hurricane survivor kitten is headed to the vet today to address her leg wound. I wonder how she survived the storm… pretty amazing.

By mid-October, Stern shared an update on the tiny-tot kitten. By the looks of it, this wee one is recovering nicely with lots of attention from her new Cat Dad, John.

“Florida Hurricane Ian kitten survivor is thriving with one of my best friends, Heather, and her hot husband. Lol ”

What was funny in the comments was seeing how much Stern’s supporters loved this cat dad. It’s a good lesson for the men-folk out there: People 100% love seeing men who love cats and kittens.

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