Gorilla Spends Her Last Moments Cuddling The Guy Who Saved Her When She Was A Baby

When Ndakasi the gorilla was just a 2-month-old infant, she was rescued from the wilds of the Congo in 2007. click to the ad below to look…

She was discovered by park guards from the Virunga National Park clutching her mother’s lifeless body, who had fallen prey to poachers. Despite this, her tale is one of generosity and love. Ndakasi met her lifetime caregiver Andre Bauma when she was brought to the park’s gorilla orphanage. The first night she spent in the orphanage, Bauma never left her side and made sure she always felt secure.

The park stated: ,,Andre hugged baby Ndakasi close to his bare bosom to keep her warm and offer her comfort through a severe thunderstorm that lasted all night. She made it through the night and, with the help of Bauma and the other orphanage employees, Ndakasi was able to grow up and have a happy and healthy life.”

In 2019, Bauma and Ndakasi took a number of selfies that were then uploaded on social media by the park and became popular.

Despite leading a joyful and robust life, Ndakasi’s tragically ended at the age of 14 due to sickness. The orphanage staff shared the news on their social media, and even in her last hours, she was radiating love. ,,In the devoted embrace of her caregiver and lifetime friend, Andre Bauma, Ndakasi exhaled her last breath.”

Ndakasi’s legacy will endure, and the caring employees who gave her a second shot at life will continue their good work.

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