Dog Gets A Stepping Stool So He Can Visit His Friends Across The Wall

Big dogs definitely have plenty of advantages that come with their size. One of the biggest advantages is that most people or dogs won’t really try to mess with them because they’re so large and intimidating. But there are plenty of other advantages to their height, like being able to reach up and snag food from the kitchen table or counter.

As two towering Great Danes, Vito and Bambino have no trouble at all peeking over the wall that runs between their yard and the neighbor’s.

She used to like to go on excursions around the neighborhood. And no matter how many times my grandfather would change the locks on the garden gate, their Great Dane would always use her height to get up and unlock the gate. She also had a system of taking fellow dogs out with her, then getting them lost and returning home without them.

Time and time again he’s tried to propel himself high enough to give Vito and Bambino a proper sniff, but he’s just not been able to succeed.

The wall is just too high for Giuseppe to see over. “He has tried many times to jump up and get a good whiff of his big doggy friends whenever we’re all outside,” Afton Tarin, Vito and Bambino’s mom, told. But then Giuseppe’s family had an “aha” moment.

Every time they’ve seen his fruitless jumps fail to take him where he needs to be, they’ve wished that there was some way to help him.
And then they realized that – duh! – there’s one very obvious way to help the little pup. One day, Guiseppe’s family brought him a stool and suddenly the sweet lab was finally able to peek over the wall.

His little tail went a mile a minute as he rested his paws on the wall and popped his head over it. Giuseppe was overjoyed, as was Vito and Bambino who had waited eagerly for the determined pup to finally succeed.

Now, Giuseppe can say hi to his friends and neighbors whenever he feels like it, and Vito and Bambino are thrilled to have a new friend just a sniff away.

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