Dog Becomes The Oldest Golden Retriever Ever After Celebrating Her 20th Birthday

Auggie’s birthday was celebrated with her humans and her canine siblings Sherman, Belle and Bruce with a giant banner and a delicious carrot cake.

Her special event was also promoted by the rescue on Facebook and on their blog!

Jennifer told Auggie’s fans that he is surprisingly healthy for his age of 20. ,,She has minimal problems moving. Apart from shaking a little when she first gets up, and she enjoys her daily walks in the garden.”

On his blog, GoldHeart writes: “There are a few stories about Goldens. Some are 17 and 18-year-old and even some even 19-year-old. Yet Augie is the first Golden Retriever to turn 20-year-old.

Jennifer explained that Auggie ate a mixture of wet and dry food and took some supplements to alleviate some of the kidney problems she was diagnosed with when she was adopted at the age of 14.

You deserve all the love and celebration. Happy Birthday Auggie.

On Facebook, fans flocked to GoldHeart’s page and posts to wish Auggie a happy birthday.

People left ofer 13k comments on Auggie’s birthday post shared it over 28k times!

Most Golden Retrievers live between 10 and 12 years, but some live up to 17 years. GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue offers these tips to help your dogs live as long and as well as possible:

1) Listen to your vet, who knows your dog and can give you the best recommendations and plan measures to keep your dog healthy.

2) Listen to your dog. He communicates on his own without expressing himself. If you see him reacting negatively to food or certain activities, you should do something about it.

3) Feed your dog quality food. Better food will keep your dog healthier and happier. Save you most of the vet bills you would otherwise save on poor quality food.

4) To keep your Golden Retriever healthy, regular grooming is necessary. It will help prevent ear infections, gum disease, dental problems and even skin problems.

5) Finally, exercise your Golden Retriever consistently to keep its heart and muscles strong.

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