Cat Sits Patiently As Grandma Fixes His Favorite Stuffed Toy

All pets have a favorite toy that they sleep with and cannot live without. Lucas the cute cat, is a stuffed leopard about his same size. The stuffed has lived with Lucas since he was just a kitten. He is four years old now, but he never stops loving his favorite toy.

The two friends have formed a strong bond and now they are inseparable. Lucas always carries his buddy with him wherever he goes. Even if his prized toy is old and ragged, he doesn’t seem to mind and still loves it so much.

“He’s had this toy for probably four years, and it ripped because of wear and tear,” Alana said. “My grandma moved in with us last year, and really loves Lucas. [She] saw that his favorite toy was ripped, so she sewed it back together for him.”

Lucas plays with the stuffed toy as he was in love with it. His family watches him interacting with the object when he wakes up and before sleeping. Just like a child who always wants to cuddle with the teddy bear!

As you can imagine, Lucas knew his stuffed animal when he was still a tiny little cat. Of course, this explains the strong bond between the cat and his toy.

Lucas was entranced by the needle and thread moving through his toy and sat patiently as Grandma performed surgery on his friend.

Thankfully, Lucas’ toy had a new look when Alana’s grandmother moved in with the family last year. The grandma fell in love with the cat, so she decided to do something to improve the state of the cat’s leopard.

As soon as the toy was mended and good as new, Lucas was thrilled with the results. “Lucas was very happy!” Alana said. We hope he gets to enjoy many more years with his favorite stuffed.

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