A Dy.ing Cow Sheds Tears Of Gratitude To The Man Who Promised To Take Care Of Her Baby

A dy.ing mother is thankful to someone she may entrust her children to once she di.es. We seldom come across someone worthy of our trust, and when we are confident, we feel at ease. It is entirely up to us as individuals to establish our credibility.

The same is true for animals who know who they can trust. Their behavior toward us serves as a guide for how we should respond to them.

Freser, a mother cow, has just given birth to her first and final young calf, and she is grateful to Ismael for assisting her during the birth process.

Freser had difficulty giving delivery due to her poor health status. Ismael reassured Freser and tried to make her feel at ease during the procedure.

Freser expresses his gratitude by kissing him.
Freser began to weep when the birthing procedure was over. Yes, believe it or not, the mother cow kept bawling, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Her condition was in no way improving at the moment.

Freser’s health had deteriorated significantly after the birth of her daughter, Savi. She was unable to stand after giving delivery.

The doctor could not locate any blood even during the delivery procedure. He realized Freser was having difficulty throughout the procedure, so he had to reach inside her u.te.rus to extract the calf, despite the fact that there was no blo.od.

Freser began to wail as if she sensed something was amiss. Freser kept kissing Ismael after the baby arrived and was safe, as though she was expressing her appreciation. “I trust you to take good care of my daughter!”

This would be her last “goodbye.” She was relocated to another location, leaving behind her daughter, Savi, and Ismael.
Ismael promised Freser that tiny Savi would be well cared for.

Freser di.ed the next day after giving birth. She was content.
Ishmael honored his commitment to Freser from then on.

Ishmael currently looks after Savi and the other cows and bulls at Fundacion Santuario Gaia (Gaia Sanctuary Foundation).

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